Monday, September 12, 2011

Winner Announced: Pink Snowbunnies contest and giveaway

Chocolate Nutella Cookies
The winner is.... No one! That's right, I didn't have any official entries for my Pink Snowbunnies Contest, even though I know that a few people intended to submit a recipe.

That's okay, I forgive you. This isn't really a recipe blog, though I do love to cook. I may have to console myself by making one of the recipes posted by my fellow Pink Snowbunnies authors. A Chocolate Nutella Cookies recipe popped up a few times during the anthology creation process. I could make those again, or I may just poll my family on what they would like to help me eat.

Update 9/13/11
I did have an official recipe submission! Becky contacted me via email to let me know that, apparently, her comment did not go through. She will try to re-post. If anyone else experienced the same difficulty, please try again by commenting below or sending me an email. If I don't hear from anyone else by tomorrow, I get to make Mini French Silk Tarts.

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