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Tagline: To stop a pandemic, Jackie Davenport must uncover the truth behind a secret experiment.

Draft blurb: Jackie Davenport graduated with a M.A. in Journalism, dropped an abusive boyfriend and landed a coveted job writing for the Houston Chronicle. Her assignment: travel to a refinery in Sundown, Texas to research a new crude oil refining process. The outbreak that obstructs her research is more than “just the flu.”

Unable to merely observe, Jackie becomes a catalyst in local containment efforts, but influenza jumps outward, escaping local and national containment measures to cause a pandemic. At her sister’s sickbed, Jackie must choose whether to trust a man she had tolerated only for her sister’s sake—brother-in-law and absent-minded physicist, Preston Scott. Trust is not something she does well, at least not since her self-image was smashed along with her heart.

To stop the flu pandemic from sending the population to the brink of extinction, Jackie must uncover the truth behind the government's secret time travel experiment. As Director of the experiment, is Preston friend or foe? Humanity’s future hangs on Jackie’s courage and ability to convince with the scoop of a lifetime.

The Science Behind Dormant


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