Monday, October 22, 2018

Job wanted

Job Wanted
In search of a job where I can use my love of words to serve others. If you know of a job opening in the Austin, Texas area (or telecommute), please send me a link.

For more detail on my skills and experience:

Each job is a learning experience. Sometimes those experiences take you in unexpected directions. This time, I learned that I want to do something else. I'm open to possibilities. 

I could:
  • Continue communications work in a different context. 
  • Learn new skills to change career direction.
  • Expand on my experience as a web author and administrator.
  • Build on my writing and editing experience.
  • Explore my recently discovered love of teaching.
  • Use my soft skills to fulfill a need.
  • Broaden my love of learning and research.
  • Work with one of my previous teams in a new capacity.
  • Contribute my skills to the work of a new team.
  • Do something else I can't even imagine right now.
I will step through the door that opens. Growth comes from challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. I am ready.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Still writing

I'm back and I'm still writing – for work anyway. It's time to get back to personal writing. I'll start with blogging.

Meanwhile, here's something from work. I wrote a story on Saving Texas Babies. DSHS social media featured the story for Newborn Screening Awareness Month.

Newborn Screening Awareness Month social media post