About Me

Jimi Ripley works as an Information Specialist by day and then goes home to help her son with homework, put dinner on the table, and write. She has written and published motivational articles, public health articles and newsletters, web pages, and academic documents. Though Jimi feels a deep sense of satisfaction from completing these projects, her creative outlet is in writing fiction.

Jimi's fascination with nearly all things medical probably started with her mother’s stories of her work as a Labor and Delivery nurse. When Jimi read her first account of the 1918 influenza pandemic, that fascination turned to stories related to the epidemiology of how viruses spread and the public health measures taken to prevent, when possible, or contain when not. After a close call at becoming a nurse, she turned to her love of writing, graduating from university with an English degree camouflaging an impressive list of medical science and journalism electives.

Jimi gained experience in disaster planning and response during seven years working at a state public health laboratory. She now works to promote health and prevent chronic disease, specializing in public information and communication related to diabetes prevention and control. She is currently rewriting her debut novel, Dormant, to incorporate her public health experience.