Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another story: Preventing birth defects

Birth Defects Prevention Month social media post
About 400,000 babies are born in Texas each year, and at least 14,000 will have one or more major birth defects. This January, for Birth Defects Prevention Month, a story I wrote helped raise awareness.

The 25th Anniversary of the Texas Birth Defects Registry: Looking Back at the Beginning of Data Gathering to Prevent Birth Defects

(Also published in the Texas Birth Defects Monitor.)

While I was working on this story, I interviewed a courageous woman and mother. Anne Andis had a beautiful baby girl born with a tragic birth defect. Anne worked to make sure her baby girl's life made a difference. Her story is linked in the article above, or you can jump directly to Making Birth Defects Count, a Mother's Story.

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