Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update from the Belly Button Biodiversity Team

This blog is an update for those who have been following my posts on the Belly Button Biodiversity Project. I hadn't heard anything further from the team, until I received the email below. Now the important question:  Did I put my new address on my request?

Dear Belly Button Biodiversity Enthusiast,

Great to hear from you!

We've had a tremendous amount of interest in our project, and well, because we're a team of humans and not robots, we've been overwhelmed by the sheer number of requests we've received for sampling kits.

Rest assured, we have your contact info and will be sending out sampling kits as soon as we can, most likely within the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience, as we're just as excited to learn about the microbes living in your navel as you are!

While you're waiting, check out some of the exciting articles and news affiliated with belly buttons and the other wildlife inhabiting our homes and bodies: And don't forget to like our Facebook page!

The Belly Button Biodiversity Team

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