Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have robotic bear pillow... will travel?

With Thanksgiving just two days away, many of you are packing to visit relatives. Do you pack your own pillow or wait to see what you find on the other end of your journey? I'm of the pack-your-own camp. There's no substitute for your own pillow when rest is on the line. (Extra geek points to whoever can name the reference.) If I could, I'd even pack my bed, but I don't think my king-sized, fabulously-comfortable monstrosity would fit into my duffle.

"Jukusui-kun" or "deep sleep"
This year I'm hosting instead of traveling, but I am still considering pillow options—for hubby.* This snoozing polar bear lays benignly spread-eagle on its back. But wake the bear at your own peril. A snore triggers arm movement designed to let the new Japanese pillowbot gently brush your cheek. The result? You stop snoring. Immediately. Even if it means you've bolted out of your bed as the bear's arm moves toward your face.

Called "Jukusui-kun" or "deep sleep" in Japanese, the robot is designed to help people sleep better by stopping chronic snorers and those who suffer from sleep apnea, which causes breathing difficulty by sleeping. Blood oxygen levels are measured by a bear-shaped fuzzy glove while a sensor placed below the sheets detects loud noises. There is also a microphone in the pillowbot to monitor snore decibel levels. Add a wireless terminal, pre-programmed with your vital stats, and you're good to go.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

Just one problem.... Jukusui-kun polar bear and accessories will probably require a suitcase all its own.

*My husband sent me the article. I didn't promise not to blog about it.

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