Monday, April 16, 2012

My Newsletter: Newborn Screening opt-in form, laboratory improvements, and more

Working on the April 2012 issue of The Laboratorian has been both challenging and rewarding. We tackled complex topics related to Newborn Screening, reveled in the blog article written by a lab tour participant, and completed a whole slew of articles related to improvements ranging from communicating test results, to internal document management, to improving efficiency.
  • New “Opt-in” Decision Form an Important Step for Newborn Screening
  • Communicating Newborn Screening Data Efficiently
  • The Secret (and Amazing) World of Public Health Laboratories
  • Improving Laboratory Efficiency: Lean in the DSHS Laboratory
  • Laboratory Analytical Testing Auditors: Understanding Who, Why, and How
  • Introducing iPassport for Document Control

For internal circulation, we recognized employees for various achievements, including peer awards and service awards. I asked each member of my Newsletter Committee to answer five questions for the enjoyment of our co-workers. I'm very proud of the hard work of everyone involved! This issue was very nearly a laboratory-wide effort that also necessitated correlating web updates.

Here, for your amusement, are my answers to the same questions that I asked of my committee. Hopefully this will keep you entertained for the day or two it will take until I can post a link to our newest issue.

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Edit: The Laboratorian, April 2012, is now posted here.

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