Thursday, December 8, 2011

Searching for Kindle Fire accessories: New covers released by JAVOedge

As I mentioned in my Kindle Fire first impressions blog, I'm hunting for the perfect cover. Hopefully the search will soon be over. My beautiful teal Kindle Keyboard cover will shortly be match by a version for the Kindle Fire.

JAVOedge just announced that they are taking pre-orders for Fire covers. The flip style is what I have for my Kindle Keyboard, but I may wait until the book style is available for my next purchase. Most of the time I like to prop up my Fire resting horizontally.

I have the AYL Frameless case, which I managed to snag for about $8, but I'm still looking. Despite the ingenious stand that allows both horizontal and vertical viewing, this just isn't the optimum case for me. My problem is the attachment system. The silicone adhesion method holds securely, but it does not allow me to easily remove and re-attach my Fire. This is a problem because I prefer using the naked device while at home.

My JAVOedge Kindle Keyboard cover is a nice combination of protection without added weight, aesthetics (love the teal), and functionality. I'm hoping that I can find all of that in the new JAVOedge offerings for the Kindle Fire. I'm certainly going to give it a try.

Now if only someone would come out with an orange cover with a stand; the color seems appropriate for a tablet named Fire, and it would go so nicely with the DecalGirl Flower of Fire skin on my wish list.

Update 12/9/11
DecalGirl gave me something new for my wish list. They color-adjusted the Flower of Fire pattern to my preference. The resulting shades of teal and blue are very pretty, and I like the unique twist. A company representative replied to my question quickly and was very helpful with the customization, so consider that option if you love everything about one of their designs, except the color. I own several of their skins and my experience with them has always been positive.

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