Friday, February 3, 2012

An overview of accessories for my Kindle Fire and Kindle Keyboard

I have touched on the topic of Kindle Fire accessories and my search for a functional combination. I'm quite pleased with my current set-up. It allows me to have both of my Kindles handy while making the most out of the features of each. This blog is just to give you an overview. I'll be back with more details at a later date.
At right is my collection. Listed from back to front:

All of these travel nicely in the STM Bag, which I often wear cross-body in lieu of a purse. I can also squeeze my driver's license, cards/cash, and iPhone into the bag. I'm not making any fashion statements, but it isn't hideous and it lets me keep my devices at my fingertips. The bag would be perfect if it also fit my camera, but that's too much too hope for. Take a look a the top-view photo, with devices stowed, and you'll see why my super zoom (almost as big as a SLR) isn't going to fit.  

Why skins when I have perfectly good cases? I like to slide my Kindles from their covers and use them bare. The skins protect my Kindles and add a touch of attractive personalization.

My Kindle Keyboard case has a built-in stand, so the portable stand is for my Kindle Fire; it allows me to display the Fire vertically or horizontally, depending on the kind of content I'm viewing.

I also have a Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand for Tablets for use while cooking/baking. Combine the stand and leasure jacket, and my Kindle Fire is nicely protected from smudges and splatters.

That's the high-level overview. Hopefully it gives you something to consider. I will be back to share my thoughts on each item in more depth.

What, you're still here? Go enjoy the weekend! I certainly intend to. It is going to be a good weekend of fun activities with my guys, and maybe even a bit of time to enjoy my Kindles. I also started a photography class last Tuesday, so photos will be the order of every day. I have a photo-a-day project to build.

What are your fun plans for the weekend? No, I don't need to hear about the housework. It's a necessary evil that, I assure you, lurks for all.

Happy weekend!

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