Friday, March 9, 2012

The secret (and amazing) world of public health laboratories

My job position is so much of a mouthful that I am often met with blank stares when I answer a question about my work. Even the shorter version, my title of Information Specialist, doesn't have quite the same level of recognition as teacher or nurse.
In my case, Information Specialist means that I translate highly technical information in order to create and revise web pages and publications related to the work of our laboratory. For a look at the work I support, read the blog post from which I borrowed my blog title. This is one of those pieces of writing that immediately tweaks a sense of "why didn't I write that?" In this case I think that I'm a bit too close to the work, but I'm totally tickled that Kim Krisberg toured our laboratory and took the time to write an excellent blog post.

Walking around a public health laboratory is seriously cool.

Giant humming machines, rows of test tubes and small, round dishes containing specimens with hard-to-pronounce names, biohazard warnings and emergency shower stations, an egg incubator and liquid nitrogen generator, people in protective gear with bulky white hoods and face shields. Oh, and boxes with severed animal heads inside.

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