Monday, July 11, 2011

Buy Groceries with Your iPhone

A grocery store has launched a program to allow virtual grocery shopping using your smart phone. The catch: you have to live in South Korea.

Tesco's Home Plus supermarket decorated a subway station wall with images of grocery shelves, turning wait time into the opportunity to get a dreaded chore out of the way. To shop, just scan the product's QR code. The item is added to your virtual grocery cart. After check-out, the groceries are scheduled for delivery to your home.

I'm ready to sign up. Unfortunately, we don't have Tesco in Texas, let alone virtual grocery shelves. Maybe I will get a chance to try it when I visit my parents after their move to Korea. They can at least give me a report.

Below is Tesco's presentation on the technology. Would you shop virtually, or do you prefer to pick your own produce?

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