Saturday, July 23, 2011

What makes a perfectly normal day extraordinary?

Super toddler loves swimming
Today was one of those perfectly normal days that turned out to be perfectly extraordinary. As a family, we checked out from our usual routine and spent the day together. Highlights play like beautiful snapshots across my memory.
  • A vivid dream yielded to my morning wake-up via a precious, little voice over the baby monitor. 
  • At lunch, 15-month-old son told us very plainly that he was "all done" (via sign language) with his grilled cheese; he wanted more of his favorite cantaloupe, thank-you-very-much. 
  • We browsed children's books together, reading one here and there. Little man made us both laugh as he waited for an isle to clear, rocking to the balls of his feet with his hands tucked behind his back.
  • A late afternoon nap, started with toddler in crib and parents in their bed, turned into a family snooze when my son woke up too soon. Hubby brought son to our bed where he snuggled up between us, using daddy's arm as a pillow. I dozed off again with a smile on my face.
  • As the sun was setting, we closed a banner day by taking our little fishie to the pool. He is taking after his proud ex-lifeguard mother. Phrases said by both parents, in unison, included "Don't drink the water!"
  • Bedtime meant bath, reading a small mountain of books, prayer, singing while cuddling, and then putting baby, I mean toddler, to bed with a final kiss and goodnight wish. We do this every night, but it is always special when my little man-on-the-move slows down enough to cuddle with Mommy.
Days like today leave a lingering warmth that far exceeds the cup of creamy chocolate tea I'm sipping. I just had to try to splash a little of the wonder in your direction. Please share your stories. What are your memory snapshots of a perfectly normal, extraordinary day?

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