Friday, July 15, 2011

My newsletter: Improving Newborn Screening to save tiny lives

My son's newborn screen heelstick
I am the Editor of a public health newsletter. This is one of my favorite work tasks. Today I have an extra reason for celebration, because the July issue marks our second year of publication.

  • The Laboratorian, July 2011

  • This issue focuses on ways that we are working to improve a program that I believe in strongly. Despite the recent controversy surrounding newborn screening, it saves so many tiny lives. I gained a lot of peace of mind from knowing that my son tested negative for the 28 disorders covered in our newborn screening tests.

    The lead article features a link to a video that illustrates what happens when a child tests positive on the newborn screen. All of the disorders screened for are highly treatable. The catch: they must be diagnosed early.

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