Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Story in a Humor Flash Fiction Anthology

My very first flash fiction story, "Pink Snowbunnies are the New Pink Ribbon," made it into the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash Fiction Anthology!

Pink snowbunnies? Where? It's a long, entertaining story. Well, it was entertaining to participants anyway, and we hope the anthology will be as well. I'll try to capture the highlights.

As things sometimes do in internet land, an innocent chat between writers resulted in a comment that was immediately deemed epic. Debora Geary disputed a post by saying, "I think pink snowbunnies will ski in hell first." This was an artistic version of the "not a chance in hell" idiom. Any number of other writers immediately hopped on the idea, all in the spirit of good fun.

Debora took it a step further when she quit her day job to write; she celebrated by proposing the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash Fiction Anthology. The requirements: 100-1000 words, must contain some variation of the suddenly famous "pink snowbunnies will ski in hell" phrase, humor, and PG13. Authors took up the challenge. Puns and other hilarity ensued, along with quite a few references to chocolate and Nutella cookies. It must be admitted that many of us were blowing off steam while temporarily avoiding our current work in progress.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of judges. Their job wasn't easy. The anthology may be available as early as August, so watch my blog for updates. Proceeds will be donated to an animal charity. I also plan to post links to some of the stories that didn't make the anthology. Here's a start:

I'm excited to have this opportunity to introduce my main character, Jackie Davenport, in a lighter moment. During her first week at The Houston Chronicle, Jackie is given an impossible assignment. Not one to give up without a fight, she writes a unique article. How is a cause for hilarity with a Texas flair.


  1. Congrats to us! :) Looks like both of us will be first published there. I'm so excited.

  2. Thank you! Yep, this will be my first fiction publication. (I thought about it, but I'm not counting my poem that I wrote in grade school and published in a children's magazine.) I must say that the experience couldn't have been more fun, and I'm excited to be in such good company.